Zuni Indian Jewelry Silver Necklace -Bear (ij204)

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This is a beautiful authentic Native American necklace by Zuni Pueblo Indian artists, featuring genuine sterling silver. Silver Indian jewelry of the southwest is very popular because of the natural materials used and traditional craftsmanship. When you think about Native adornment, American Indian jewelry, North American Indian jewelry there is a certain appeal that is readily identified in quality handcrafted jewelry.

Southwestern Indian jewelry uses the elements of nature that all cultures love. With both necklaces and earrings, turquoise, coral and shell as well as precious stones, glass beads, sterling silver and fetish animals set the standard.

This beautiful necklace is authentic Native American jewelry made by Zuni Indian artist, Annie Chapo. Zuni Pueblo is one of the most famous of the Pueblo Indians of New Mexico. They are known around the word for their traditional crafts. Authentic Native American, Annie Chapo, Tribe: Zuni 

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