Tarahumara Indian Hand Coiled Clay Pottery (T15)

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This is a unique piece of decorative hand coiled clay pottery made by hand by the famous Tarahuara Indians. This rustic Native American style piece is made with real stone ground clay.

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Formed by hand using the coil method, one row of clay is placed over the row before to build the piece. Next, using the fingers it is pinched and formed to flatten the rows. Finally, the clay is smoothed with a piece of gourd , stick or smooth stone. When the piece is completed it is heated in an open pit fire and them decorated with iron oxide earthen paint. Perfect for southwest decor, home decorating or as a western accessory, this is actual Tarahumara pottery made in the same way as the southwestern Apache. Each piece is unique, actual piece is shown.

Authentic Native Handcraft, Tribe: Tarahumara

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