Pueblo Pottery Vase 4x3 -Acoma (123)

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This is an authentic southwest Native American pottery vase made by hand with natural clay and hand painted with traditional patterns and colors of the Acoma Pueblo Indians. Acoma Pueblo is famous for creating beautiful pottery that has been highly desired by collectors. The art of Acoma pottery making is passed down from each generation.

Our pueblo pottery has a rich heritage and many of our potters and painters range from Grand parents to Grand children in the same family. The Acoma people are warm and friendly, living in the Pueblos of their tribal lands. They want to see their both their language and traditional skills continued. We have had to privilege of becoming friends with the Acoma potters and count it a real honor to be welcomed into their homes. It gives us a personal appreciation for the culture and a desire to share their rich heritage with others.

You too can own a piece of history and help advance Pueblo pottery to help continue the ancient art. This piece is a traditional clay pottery design, made famous by Native American potters. Created and painted by hand by artist Peggy Poncho, Peggy learned the art from her Grand Mother and now shares her skills with her Grandson. Selling their original Indian art work is a source of income for their family. Painted by hand using a piece of yucca the pattern is intricate and created without the use of patterns or templates. This is a perfect rustic home accent for southwest decor as well as collecting.
Actual piece is shown, measures 4" wide, 3" tall.

Authentic Native American, Peggy Poncho, Tribe: Acoma Pueblo

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