Native American Flutes

Native American Flutes

native american flutesNative American flutes by Jonah Thompson flutes are genuine Navajo Native American flutes with hand carved Indian totem wind blocks. Navajo flutes are the pine and cedar flutes that are so popular in the southwest. Native flutes are perfect for meditation, dance or decoration. These finely crafted pine wooden Indian flutes also have a leather block tie down, beads and feathers as well as a smooth finish in cedar wood or natural, cherry or walnut colored pine.

Native American flutes by Jonah Thompson are authentic hand made Navajo flutes, tuned in the popular keys of A minor, F#, Em and F# drone which makes them easy to play and deliver beautiful tranquil flute music.

*** "I am very pleased with my purchase. the cost was very reasonable and I received my flute in a matter of days...I have enjoyed my new flute tremendously. Thank you." Ron *** 

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