Native American Coyote Cradle Board 32" (cb12)

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Exceptional Native American coyote cradle board, handcrafted with real deer skin leather and coyote fur. This American Indian papoose cradle board is an authentic Native American handcraft made by the famous craftsmen of the Navajo Tribe. 

This unique type of handmade papoose is a Native baby cradle used as a back pack to carry an infant. Traditionally, mothers would wrap the baby in white linen cloth and tie them in the cradle board. It could then be stood against a tree or rock while the mother worked or carried it on her back. Made with beautiful and soft deer skin leather for a rich warm look and feel, this cradle board is crowned with a real Coyote pelt.

A papoose cradle board is a Native American symbol of life and a very interesting decorating accessory in southwestern style and western home decor.  It makes the perfect accent piece for giving your home that ranch, cabin, lodge, or rustic cowboy and Indian look.  Use this as a wall hanging for rustic decor in a cabin, log home or southwest room.  

Measures approximately 32" tall, 10.5" wide, actual cradleboard is shown

Authentic Native American, Cybill Smith, Tribe: Cherokee

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