Green Rawhide Lamp Shades -Clearance

Green Rawhide Lamp Shades -Clearance

Green Rawhide Lamp shadesGreen rawhide lamp shades are a great choice for any rustic lamp, country lamps or southwestern style and western decor. Country style lamps shades are very popular and green rawhide lampshades are especially unique because of their hand stitched rawhide lacing and warm glow. Replacement lamp shades are the easiest way to develop a country or rustic style. Even if your current lamps and furniture are more traditional or modern, rawhide replacement shades will set the tone of your space and bring the warm country or rustic flavor that creates such a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. Green rawhide chandelier lamp shades can create a natural focal point for your room and draw elements together as the eye finds rawhide table lamp shades and floor lamp shades around the room.

Mini green lamp shades known as clip on lamp shades made of rawhide are also perfect for a candelabra style lamp or wall sconce. And, if you have a unique lamp that requires a special shade, green lamp shades can be made to meet your needs. Green rawhide country style lamp shades are different in that each one provides unique and colorful grain patterns and colors. Southwestern lamp shades made with colored rawhide can be used for cabin or ranch style and also for western lamps or a lodge look. Created with premium quality rawhide that has been dyed to a rich green color giving a designer the perfect look for a room or den, translucent rawhide shades let the light shine through and add a wonderful color tone.

Hand crafted metal frames and hand stitched rawhide lacing make rawhide shades the perfect choice for country design and southwest decor as well as western decorating. Green rawhide lamp shades are an affordable way to make a dramatic statement with your home lighting and will generate the natural energy and warmth that you will love.

We recommend rawhide conditioner and a florescent or LED bulb. Read our tips on rawhide lamp shade care.

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