Authentic Pueblo Drum 9"x10" -Morning Storm

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  • Authentic Pueblo Log Drum
  • Hand Painted Pueblo Drum
  • Tigua Indian Ceremonial Drum
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This is an authentic Native American Pueblo ceremonial drum perfect for sweat lodge or hand drumming with genuine cowhide heads and lacing and a strong hollowed Aspen tree trunk for the drum core. This drum was made by hand by a Pueblo drum maker with attention to traditional detail. It is becoming harder all the time to find Native American drums that are created in the traditional ways with natural materials. The log drum ring and thick rawhide drum heads give this drum a superior quality look and sound. An important aspect of this drum is that the drum maker uniquely creates each drum individually in a ceremonial fashion. A name is then given to the drum according to the symbols used while painting it to make a one-of-a-kind treasure. It is very well made and is a drum that is wonderful to own and play.

Ceremonial Pueblo drums are individually hand-crafted creations inspired by traditional beliefs, especially the belief that one’s creativity is a reflection of nature. This drum has a lot of extra work with both rawhide and buckskin hand holds and hand painted symbols descriptive of the name the maker gave the drum. The black and white represent night changing to day, the blue represents water and the red cloud symbol on top represents the morning storm that brings rain to the pueblo. This design is perfect for drumming circles, sweat lodges or meditation and is popular for both for both standing and sitting. Double sided drums usually have better results in a sweat lodge because the two sided covers keep their tone for drumming longer than a single sided hand drum. By combining traditional workmanship, meaningful symbols, and natural materials from his Pueblo, the drum maker hopes that in sharing his talent, others will discover their own beat, rhythm, and relationship to all creation.

Sought after by collectors, for pow wows or home display as well, this authentic Pueblo drum is also great for southwest decor. A handcrafted drum beater created specifically for the drum from native willow branch and buck skin leather is included. Actual drum is shown, measures 9" wide, 10" tall. Authentic Native American, Tribe: Tigua

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