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“I absolutely LOVE this bowl - thank you so much for the fast shipping and the gorgeous product!!!!”
-Judy M.

“I love this store and how informative they are regarding the history of thier stock and the artists who made it. I will definitely be buying again.”
-Zach L.

“I just received my Native American etched, horsehair vase. I love it! The vase is beautiful! Packaging was amazing and shipping fast. My only regret is not buying one larger. Thank you for your great service, caring and business.”
-Christine O.

“I just received my indian flute this morning, this flute is beautiful : very well made and the sound great ! when I play it seems I am on the way to heaven !

Many thanks, I will order again in the soon future , keep working this way, because that is a real pleasure to deal with you!”
-Jeff, France

Exceptional Southwest Decor for Home, Office & Unique Gifts

Mission Del Rey Blog

Using Southwestern Rugs to Create a Colorful Focal Point

Southwest and western hand woven wool rugs make one of the single most important impacts on a room as you enter because area rugs catch your attention. Because the rugs and runners have such an impact on design, it is important to consider carefully what your overall look will be in your home. For example, [...]

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Tips and Techniques for Protecting Your Rawhide Lamp Shade

Rawhide lamp shades are works of art perfect for cabin lighting and lodge decor.  You don’t have to settle for paper or faux materials when genuine hand laced rawhide shades are not only beautiful and functional but affordable too. Rawhide leather Lamp shades have no equal for character and charm in rustic decor. Rawhide shades are hand-made [...]

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Enhance Southwest Decor with Southwestern Placemats

Southwest placemats and a meal with friends and family is one of the best ways to relax and enjoy yourselves. It's a peaceful time that builds rapport and causes contentment. You can bring a touch of southwestern flair and hospitality to your dinner table as well as the rest of your home by choosing just [...]

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Tips for Using Kiva Ladders for Southwest Style Decorating

Kiva ladders or wooden Indian log ladders as they are called are one of the most interesting elements of southwest decor. While traveling or visiting the Southwest you will undoubtedly notice that wooden log ladders have become one of the most universal symbols used throughout southwest design and art. Kiva ladders are decorative pueblo ladders usually [...]

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The Native American Tomahawk: Iconic Weapon and Cultural Artifact

We've seen tomahawks in cartoons and in many western movies, but what exactly is this iconic weapon and why are they the weapons of choice for Native Americans? A glance throughout history will provide a brief understanding about the Native American tomahawk and its importance in their society.One of the most prevailing and memorable items [...]

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Use Southwestern Rugs For Affordable Southwest Style Home Decor

You may love southwest style, but are wondering how to incorporate your existing furnishings with the colors and designs of the Southwest. Whether you are tired of the decor you have, or simply want to add some new life to your space, southwest style is a great option that allows a lot of versatility.While the homes filled with rustic log [...]

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Understanding The Symbolism Of Native American Fetish Animals

Native Americans have a close relationship to the animals around them. They serve as protectors and guardians. They are represented by the beautiful hand carved fetish animals that are not just ordinary, they are made impeccably and with great care. Native Americans have a strong affinity and spiritual connection to nature. One of the most evocative representations of their love [...]

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Native American Jewelry: Diversity And Craftsmanship

Native American jewelry has been show cased in Vogue Magazine. The diversity of designs and materials used still inspire many designers of contemporary times. Jewelry will always be popular and with the current styles and trends found in Native American inspired pieces, this amazing jewelry can set the mood or tone for your whole wardrobe. [...]

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Understanding The Significant Role Of The Native American Drum

Native drum ceremonies are very important to the Native American people and have always been an expression of their heritage and beliefs. In the past, these ceremonies were a regular part of life, depicting in ritual style the many facets of Native life.Today they still exist for the same reasons and are an important way for [...]

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Use Rawhide Lamp Shades To Accessorize Rustic Lamps

Rawhide lamp shades can be used as replacement lamp shades on your existing lamps or as the perfect accessory to your new rustic lamps. Each rawhide lamp shade is handmade and the shade of choice for southwestern table lamps, vintage or antique lamps or western floor lamps. Old world craftsmanship and the natural material characteristics of [...]

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